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The Spiritual Wisdom of Chi
"My words are meant for all.
My love flows from the pages
to those who wish to see it"

photo by Jessica Hilton Art ©


Have you ever wondered where you came from?  Where you’re going to?
Why the world is like it is?  Why things happen to you, and to other people?

Have you ever wished upon a star, or wept when reading a poem, or felt there was something beyond this world?

We did all of these, then we seriously asked the questions... and we started getting answers.

Paul Hutton and I had been sitting in development circles for many years, and it soon became clear that he was unfolding a mediumship of outstanding ability.

At that time the messages received within the circles were generally of a more “usual” nature, consisting mostly of contact with relatives and friends who had passed on.

We decided however to commence our own circle with the specific intent of contacting the highest spiritual level we could, and to record what we were given.

During these evenings we each thought up questions concerning the practical and spiritual nature of life, and, when Paul had attuned himself he made contact with a guide of the higher realms, who subsequently gave his name as Chi.

Slowly and falteringly at first the answers came, then stronger, and within a short time rapidly and fluently.

Some questions were thought out beforehand, but most were thought up on the spur of the moment, and, although often made as far reaching as possible we found that comprehensive answers came back virtually instantaneously.

Answers also that had an other worldliness about them, answers that might take months to think up, if indeed anyone we knew could ever think them up.

After we had asked a myriad of questions we decided then to just listen to what the guide had to say.

Over a period of ten years, sitting more or less weekly, we were given a treasury of readings concerning life, here and beyond, and guidance along the pathway of spiritual development.

These have been published in the "Spiritual Channeling" series of e-books and in "The Circle" series of printed books.


Is it true to say that on earth there is such a thing as a pure accident?

Do all dreams contain a message?

Is the emotional state of a person ever affected by the colour of the clothes that they wear?

Are there many unseen spirits on earth?

How can people develop the healing ability?  

Is the whole future known to those in spirit, or is the whole future presently unknown and depends on how everybody acts?

Do people who are killed in disasters such as the Titanic come to earth to enable others to learn from the disaster, or is it karma, or just a pure accident?

These are just some of the questions we asked Chi, a spirit guide from the higher realms, and which are answered through the mediumship of Paul Hutton and published in The Spiritual Channeling series of e-books.


“Those who pick up the stone and throw this to hurt another, not only insult themselves and the balance and harmony of the all, they also insult the stone.
Those who pick the stone up, and see the beauty within, and feel the history and the belonging to the universe, will not only enhance themselves but will enhance also the stone.”

“You become your thoughts, you become the manifestation of your inner thinking.”

"Not forgiving others for the hurt they cause you means the hurt that you feel carries on"

"If you value yourself, if you realise the golden opportunity that is within you, you will understand that life itself is the most important thing that you can experience."

"If you understand you are a part of all things, and that you can affect all things by your actions and thought, if you can understand that the universe is you and you are the universe, then the treasure you have is in your hearts and your minds, and not to be found in the material or the heavy energies..."

"There is more power in the one who holds the spear and does not use it to hurt others, than in all of mankind who wishes to cause harm to another"


In a very simple manner really, that also felt natural.
Paul Hutton was the medium, Paul Schofield the scribe.

We sat in the quiet back room of my house, in dimmed light, and Paul Hutton quickly attuned himself.
He spoke in his normal voice, with eyes shut but not in a trance, more a state of relaxation.
He was given the communications in the form of words, but he also occasionally saw symbolic pictures at the same time.

We both sometimes prepared questions beforehand, but Paul H. had no previous knowledge of my questions until they were asked.

Quite often I thought up the questions during the session.

I then put the questions straight away to the guide, and answers usually came back with no hesitation whatsoever.

We later just asked the guide to speak to us as he wished.

The recordings were subsequently turned into typed transcripts.


I had a colleague at work who was a very nice person, and exceedingly clever, being gifted in science and mathematics, but he was also extremely sceptical of an afterlife.

I asked him if he would like to pose a question for the guide, which he did, his question being “where do the answers come from?”, and this was answered, as usual with no hesitation, as follows.

Where do the answers come from?

The energy that I give encompasses huge volumes of time.
There is a greater consciousness with which these words are drawn from.

There is my consciousness and my brothers’ consciousness, there is your consciousness which I stimulate with these answers.

This energy is all around.

These answers come from life itself, from the divine law and the glorious light.

These answers are you.

They are unavoidable in their intense truth, and to ask where they come from is asking “where does the light begin?”

For all questions that you ask you have an ability to answer yourselves, all you need to do is set yourself on the ladder of awareness and the answers will come as you progress.


Paul Schofield has been researching paranormal phenomena for 35 years and was a member of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena. He has attended development circles for 25 years.

Paul's investigations, conducted in a scientific manner, have led him to a long association with the medium Paul Hutton and together they have produced the series of 'Spiritual Channeling' and 'Circle' books containing guidance along the spiritual pathway, channeled from a spiritual guide who gave his name as 'Chi'

During his career in Air Traffic Control systems and Flight Trials management, Paul worked in the Far East, Middle East, Africa, Europe, and at sea.

Paul Hutton, the medium, started his working life as a precision engineer and went on to work in the special process laboratory of a major design and manufacturing company.

Later he founded his own business as a designer boatbuilder, subsequently becoming skipper of his own commercial fishing vessel, which he designed and built himself, successfully supporting his family from the fruits of the sea for many years.

He has been aware of his psychic abilities since childhood and has been attending spiritual development circles since 1992. He has also attended a course in mediumship at Stansted Hall, Essex.

He lives on the Isle of Wight where he teaches in development circles and is a practising medium. 


"Those who have the eyes to see and understand the beauty in all things, will see a view that others who have not yet achieved this are missing.

There are many horizons to see, but those who focus on the near and material will miss the beauty of the greater light energies that are there waiting for you to embrace."